1992. 03


NEWTECH Inc. foundation (Cooperated with France 2PS company)

1992. 04


Foreign treading registration

1993. 06


Started to develop HYDROXY APTITE coated artificial hip joint localization



Institute of industrial technology joint research for Public-based tech-deveopment project : 93. 06~97. 12

1994. 06


Authorized NEWTECH Inc. Surface Technology Institute

1994. 09


Started wear-resistance advancement project by Hyungbuk consortium tesk performance(Kyungbuk national university joint research TiN.TiAIN ) coating process improvement

1995. 07


Promissing SME selected by small and medium business corporation

1995. 08


Promissing advanced technology company designated by ministry of commerce industry

1995. 09


Started TIALN coating machine tools tesk(Kyungbuk region consortium tesk Kyungbuk national university joint research)

1996. 02


Localization development completion for nuclear power plant LATCH GUIDE TUBE PLASMA COATING

1996. 11


Localization for themoelectric power plant TURBINE BUCKET PLASMA COATING (USA G.E specification substitution)

1996. 12


96'Participation award targeted SMEs by Daegu metropolitan city, exemplary SME award

1997. 03


A member of ROK-US Economic Cooporation Committee (C.B.C) secected by minister of commerce industry

1998. 02


Arc Ion Plation device development(SME technology innovation development project)

1998. 05


Exemplary SME awarded by Daegu kyungbuk small and medium business administrator

1999. 07


Excellent venture company designated by Daegu Kyungbuk small and medium business administration





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